The Studio is completed

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The New studio, come and be seated.
We found it was a problem lugging all the gear round to do Portrait pieces at peoples homes.
There is a lot of setting up, and frankly most homes have not got room to set up a back drop, two or three lights on stands, then camera's and tripods.
So we decided to set up our own studio.
No more packing it all up and transporting it then unpacking it. Doing a shoot, then having to pack it all away again...
This helps in many ways. it reduces our costs. not only do we have no travel costs or travel time. There is also no set up time, which is a big saving, and of course there is a lot less likelyhood of things getting damaged.
This means the basic cost of a package is kept as low as practical and this is passed on, to you, the customer.
So if you would like a shoot doing.
Single or a small group shot ( I would say a max of 6 people )
Then if you can get to the studio, (Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, UK) Why not contact us for more details.