SUE. Dip. Pro. Photo (Inst P. Photo)

Born in Yorkshire, now living in Norfolk, England.

I was a keen photographer in my early twenties, this was when I received my first SLR camera. Due to work commitments, photography took a back seat until the late nineties, when I was able to retire from full time work, due to a very good husband, who has encouraged and supported me in this new venture. I am now a keen digital photographer, much preferring to be behind the lens rather than in front.

I love and enjoy capturing that special moment for the couple at their wedding with a passion, setting up and showing the best of someone in a studio portrait shoot, and going out covering events of all types.

I also cover second camera for Paul James Photography.

I have completed my diploma in professional photography.

Since 2011, I have been the Chairman for GT Yarmouth and District Photographic Society, We meet every Wednesday at Bradwell Community Centre Green Lane, It is nice to see the club has started to gain new members. Myself and Mark have introduced practical nights, picture challenges and lectures all about photography.

I keep up to date with the trends, by attending workshops for Wedding photography,Portraits and lighting.


I developed a passion for photography when I was at school, it fascinated me how the image was captured onto the film and then transferred to the paper.

My passion was rekindled when my wife introduced me to her Digital SLR's. I have a keen interest in wildlife shots and also action photography.

As my skills have developed, I now assist my wife on her wedding, portrait and event shoots, I enjoy sorting the lighting for Portrait shoots and I enjoy the challenge of events. I am also very interested in Photoshop and love the effects that can be achieved.

I joined GT Yarmouth and District Photographic Society and now enjoy passing on my knowledge to other keen photographers.

I hope you enjoy some of the shots I have here on display.


Paul has been a professional photographer for some years.

Working for a photographic company in Norwich in the 80's & 90's, before setting his own business up. Paul James Photography.

He started working with SKN Photographics as second camera back in 2011 to help cover weddings that require 2 or more photographers.

Paul has a passion for Wedding Photography and loves all that is wedding, from meeting the couples and guests to handing over the final prints.